Pray for us

The best way you can get involved with supporting a church plant in Halifax is to pray for it. We'd love it if you could commit to make praying for us a regular part of your prayers. Below you can find our most pressing prayer needs - we'll update these as regularly as our needs change. If you want to track answers to prayer, please check out our blog as we will be sharing news and answers to prayer there.

If you want to make sure you never miss out on a prayer point - please sign up for our prayer letter at the bottom of this page. We will send out regular prayer letters by email to keep our supporters up to date.


Please pray for people to join our team - this is a really crucial area that needs a lot of prayer. Whilst we of course need funding (see below!), in many ways it can be easier to convince people to give their money than to move their lives! What we are looking for is people who are willing to sacrifice homes, family, jobs and schools to move to Halifax for the sake of the gospel. We know this is a big ask - but we are trusting that God will provide people who are willing to do just that. Would you join us in praying for a core team to be brought together who will be willing to sacrifice much in order to make disciples in Halifax!


At the moment we are wading through the legalities of constituting the legal entity of the church. At the moment there is still benefit for a church registering as a charity in the UK. We can benefit from Gift Aid and other tax breaks, without really any impact on how we do things as a church - it does not effect us operating in the way the bible prescribes. That may not always be the case - but it is for now. So in trying to steward well the resources we will be given we are applying to the charity commission to be recognised as a charity, and as you can imagine, there is a lot of paper work and legalese! Please pray for us as we navigate it all, that the process would be swift and without difficulty.


We have already had incredible answers to prayer on this one! We have received the incredible blessing as a family that someone has come forward and provided housing for us, initially rent free, until we are in such a position to buy the property from them! The plant has also received gifts from individual supporters, including one gift of £15,000 towards the work! God has been good - but we still need to raise a lot more. We haven't got enough to cover our pre launch budget yet (about 45%), and we need to be thinking about year one and beyond - so we still need God to provide the rest.

We heard back from the first trust fund we applied to but they were not in a position to give to the work of Plant Halifax at this time. That was a bit of a blow, but is to be expected. We trust God has prepared other avenues of funding. Please pray that we would be patient, and continue to be dependant on God. Please pray that finances would come through and that God would provide what we need to start the work.

There is always more we would like to tell you, and we do that by way of a monthly prayer letter. In the prayer letters we are able to go into a bit more detail than we do on the page, as we know who we are sending them to - so if you are at all interested in keeping up to date with what we are doing - please fill in the contact box below. Your details will not be passed on to anyone else, and will not be used for anything other than sending you our prayer letters.