Halifax is a place full of history! Some true, some legendary... there is speculation that the town's name comes from the Old English for 'holy face' as there is a legend that John the Baptist's head was buried in the town! Whilst this is almost certainly false - it does make for a good story, and his head still features on the town's coat of arms. Another fascinating piece of (true) Halifax trivia is that the minster's first organist also discovered the planet Uranus... talk about multitalented! 

Whilst Halifax's history is fascinating and very colourful - it's Halifax's present that intreats us. Nestled in the hills of West Yorkshire, Halifax with its population of around 90,000, is a town shaped by its geography. The hills and valleys of the town naturally divide it into different areas, which have become distinct communities, often without much relationship or interaction with one another. 

Although Halifax is predominantly ethnically white, as with many West Yorkshire towns it has a significant Asian community, which is concentrated into a community in the 'Thrum Hall' area of the town. The population on the outskirts of the town are majority ethnically white, with ethnic diversity increasing as you approach the town centre.

Halifax is a town that is still growing - houses are currently being built and the council are spending money on trying to revitalise the town centre with projects like the Piece Hall renovation. We need the church to grow along with the town.