Doug and Rachael


Sent and affirmed by Worthing Tabernacle, and working in partnership with Gospel Yorkshire, Doug and Rachael Clark have moved to Halifax along with their four children.

Doug trained for ministry at Union School of Theology where he earned his BA in Theology, and has since served as Assistant Pastor at Worthing Tabernacle in West Sussex, where he has been involved with training men for ministry through AT3 and their Union Learning Community. Having grown up in Yorkshire Doug has a heart to see his home county transformed by the gospel through the planting and multiplication of churches across the county. 

Rachael was born and raised in West Yorkshire, living in Leeds until she went to University in York where she studied Counselling. After graduating Rachael worked with young people with drug and alcohol misuse problems, and was involved in setting up and running projects for a mental health charity. The past 8 years she has taken on a much greater challenge - parenting their four children as well as looking after Doug through his training and years in ministry!

Viv and Alex


Doug and Rachael are joined by Viv and Alex Ferreira, and their two boys. Viv and Alex have been members of Worthing Tabernacle for the past 5 years, where they have served in a number of Roles. Viv has been involved with leading and discipling the youth, as well as service leading and along with Alex leading a home group together. Alex has been heavily involved with both the midweek toddlers group and the mums bible study.

They have left work, home and family to move up to Halifax to be a part of this new church, and we are really excited to see God use the gifts his given them in building this new local church!